360 degree Storytelling

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My work with 360 degree content started at the Asian Diver Expo in Singapore in 2016. Here I saw 360 content of the habitats I love most, coral reefs. The ability to take this reality into anyone else's, wherever they may be, whoever they may be, was a breathtaking realisation of opportunity. We now have the technology to immerse anyone in different ecosystems and environmental issues all over the world. I decided to learn all aspects of the 360 content creation workflow, adding these skills to my tool kit for telling stories. I now offer end to end services from conceptualization to delivery making the production process streamlined and efficient.

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the importance of immersion

Studies have shown that viewing duration with 360 degree videos online far exceeds traditional film, in a world of shrinking attention spans this is great news for everyone.

The reason? It is no longer YOUR video that you posted, it is now THEIR experience, they are guiding their vision and exploring for themselves, you just took them there. This sense of ownership keeps people watching until the end making it an amazing new tool for your story by immersing people in it.

Many world leading organisations are now engaging with Immersive Content seeing it’s potential to build empathy and a connection to their mission.

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MY 360 mission

I now use this incredible tool to affect change in the world, transporting people to the places I have always loved and introducing them to people that need to be noticed for their work in any field from conservation to humanitarian aid.

I love to work with NGOs in order to highlight the work they are doing, increase donations and volunteer engagement.

I also work with Governments to help promote positive conservation practices, responsible tourism and capacity building community projects.