About ME

Alex Lindbloom_Sea Ventures_P1577207.jpg

After graduating in Environmental Science and completing my PADI Divemaster I began teaching Marine Biology in the Caribbean. With access to underwater cameras I developed my passion for filming. I moved to Malaysia to work for Emmy award-winning underwater production company Scubazoo, where I was fortunate enough to dive and film around Malaysia, Indonesia and Timor Leste for three years. Due to filming and editing the same projects I have developed a deep understanding of what is required to build sequences and deliver creative goals.

Through my years of filming in difficult and remote locations with small crews I have developed a strong sense of teamwork and independence, getting the job done regardless of stumbling blocks and solving problems using creative thinking. By working with award winning companies I have had access to, and training on broadcast equipment, allowing me to tell stories in the highest quality possible.


Cameras: Sony FS7, Panasonic EX1R, Panasonic GH5, Nikon D800, Canon 5D

Housings: Gates, Nauticam       

Lights: Kelden, Light and Motion, Big Blue

Virtual Reality Cameras: Gopro Rigs (specialising in Underwater), Kandao Obsidian, Insta Pro 2, GoPro Fusion

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X

Drone Pilot: DJI Phantom 4 (500+ Flight Hours, land launching, boat launching)    

SCUBA: PADI Divemaster (1000+ Dives in 4 Continents)

OTHER TRAINING: Wildeye: Wildlife Camera Operator Course 2013